The benefits of a trust

Top seven reasons why you should hold your business and personal assets in a trust structure.

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1. Protect your personal and business assets

Trusts can protect your assets from a variety of potential threats including bankruptcy, malpractice, accidents, irresponsible heirs, and gold diggers who marry into your family. They can also create a firewall that insulates your personal assets from potential business lawsuits and creditors.

2. Get a superb tax-planning tool

Trusts can play an important role in business and family tax planning. Income earned from your business, investments, and capital gains could be paid out to trust beneficiaries based on lower marginal tax rates. This could save you tens – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars in taxes.

3. Take advantage of a powerful wealth-creation vehicle

Growth and income-producing assets may be transferred and purchased through a trust. And, with its ability to distribute profits tax effectively, this means more of your wealth could be reinvested back into assets or in other investment opportunities – significantly increasing your wealth-creation potential.

4. Enhance personal financial planning

Families can use trusts for financial planning purposes, meeting with an adviser and regularly discussing investment options and strategies. This includes profit distribution plans and charitable donation beneficiaries. Meetings can also be used to identify recipients of income distributions and inheritable assets.

5. Minimise tax obligations and better plan for future generations

Trusts let you transfer business and family wealth to future generations without any tax consequences. Use them to easily keep trust assets out of reach from future creditors or relationship breakdowns. Trusts can also protect future generations who may not be mature enough to handle the financial responsibility.

6. Keep assets in your family lineage

Trusts allow you to put conditions on how and to whom assets are distributed after you pass away. For example, you can create special trusts that keep assets in your family lineage in the event your spouse remarries, ensuring assets don’t end up benefiting someone you’ve never met.

7. Mitigate family disputes

Because trust assets aren’t held in your name, they aren’t included in your will. Since you are not the legal owner of the assets, you can avoid probate proceedings and family disputes over trust assets.

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  • Safeguard your personal and business assets from lawsuits and creditors.
  • Create agreements that safeguard your personal assets from family breakdowns, business partners, and their estate.
  • Legally reduce taxes by distributing income to beneficiaries and bucket companies at lower tax rates.
  • Pass your assets to future generations without any tax or stamp duty consequences.
  • Discourage creditors and legal opponents from pursuing you, your business, and any assets passed down to future generations.
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