Our Goals Based Wealth Management Process

6 steps to building a portfolio of assets that supports your lifestyle today and tomorrow

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Step 1. Articulate your goals

We begin by challenging you to think about what you really want your wealth to do for you.
What are your life goals for today and tomorrow? Life goals can include:

  • Cutting back your working hours
  • World travels
  • Paying for children’s university fees
  • Buying your dream holiday home
  • Transferring assets to give your children a head start in life
  • Pursuing your passions

Once your goals and dreams are on the table, they’ll be prioritised and a set dollar figure and timeframe will be associated to achieving them.

Step 2.Create a family balance sheet

The next step is to get a clear picture of all the financial resources you have available at your disposal.
This includes:

  • All current and future income sources
  • Your spending habits
  • Real estate, investments, & super
  • Personal and investment loans
  • Your business
  • Your tax and asset protection structure

Your liabilities are also expanded to include your future spending objectives.

Step 3. Align your assets and goals

With this data, your Private Client Wealth Manager will sit down with a dedicated team of tax and
financial experts and figure out:

  • Whether you have enough assets to achieve each goal
  • How far off you are from reaching your goals
  • Problem areas holding you back
  • Trade-offs you may need to consider

Trade-offs can mean extending timeframes to achieving goals, selling investments
or purchasing additional assets.

Step 4. Create a financial roadmap

Your Private Client Wealth manager and team will run multiple scenarios, assumptions and asset classes and create a personalised financial roadmap that segments new and existing assets into multiple buckets, each with their own unique strategies and portfolio.
With the sole purpose of supporting a single or multiple goals throughout your lifetime and beyond.

Segment assets into 3 dynamic buckets

A conservative asset bucket designed to provide liquidity to support 2-5 years of up and coming expenses that cannot be funded by your current income sources alone.

Contains a mixture of balanced and growth assets dedicated to funding future goals and life objectives throughout your lifetime

Typically invested in high growth assets and tax structures for building wealth in excess of what is necessary to meet lifetime spending objectives. Assets used to increase lifestyle and ensure legacy goals are met.

Step 5. Implementing your financial roadmap

After receiving approval from you, your Private Client Wealth Manager will begin to execute the agreed upon financial roadmap on your behalf, saving you time, hassle and avoiding confusion.

Step 6. Monitor progress towards your goals

Once your financial roadmap has been implemented your Private Client Wealth Manager will stay in contact with you, regularly reviewing your goals, priorities and financial resources. You’ll receive reports that show how each asset bucket is progressing towards achievement of its related goals.

We’ll answer important questions like:
  • Are you on track to meeting your goals
  • Do you have enough to fund your life goals
  • Is there anything else you can do

And as your goals are met and priorities change, your financial roadmap can be adjusted to
adapt to whatever life throws your way.

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