Goals Based Wealth Management

Discover a powerful approach that steers you clear of financial behaviours and biases that can undermine your financial success and increases the likeliness of reaching your financial and life goals.

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Focus on what really matters

Rather than viewing your wealth as one diversified portfolio, with asset allocations based on your risk profile,
Goals Based Wealth Management focuses on what really matters to you on a personal level – such as
your child’s education, a new home or income to fund your lifestyle or retirement.

Our approach matches your financial assets with your unique goals to create a better wealth management plan.
One that is a true reflection of what you want your assets to do for you.

Avoid the cycle of emotions that can undermine your potential

Goals Based Wealth Management redefines the way you measure financial success.
Instead of measuring your wealth portfolio against traditional yardsticks like market indexes, benchmarks and standard deviations, your success is measured by your progress towards achieving specific
personal financial goals.

This approach significantly reduces irrational financial behaviours, bad decision making and allows you to maintain your confidence during periods of market volatility.

Customised asset buckets for specific goals

We understand that you have multiple goals that require different dollar amounts to fund over multiple timeframes throughout your lifetime and beyond.

Unlike the traditional approach that creates a single portfolio to achieve multiple goals with different time frames, Goals Based Wealth Management creates multiple asset buckets, each with their own unique investment portfolio, tax plan and financial strategies aimed at achieving each specific goal over different timeframes.

A better indication of how you are progressing

Goals Based Wealth Management gives you a much clearer picture of how you are tracking towards
the progress of each specific goal. And with the transparency it provides you, will allow you to
answer important questions such as:

  • Do I have enough assets working to reach our goals?
  • Is there anything else I can do to fast track the attainment of my goals?
  • As my circumstances change can I make adjustments to specific portfolios without negatively impacting other goals or asset buckets.

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