Tax, accounting and financial solutions for medical professionals

At Tax Effective, our accountants specialising within the medical sector deliver all the expertise you need to reduce taxes, protect assets from lawsuits, grow your practice and tax-effectively accumulate wealth.

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Specialised advice for doctors, dentists and medical practices

All the time and energy you devote to caring for your patients often means that thinking about your tax and financial plans takes a backseat.

Being responsible for so many lives can be both fulfilling and stressful, as it makes you a potential target for litigation by opportunistic individuals.

At Tax Effective, we understand the unique challenges faced by medical professionals, including specialists, general practitioners, dentists and dental surgeons.

Which is why we have created a specialised tax, accounting and wealth management solution just for you.

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Trusted advice and expertise to help you

As a medical professional, you require the expertise of multiple tax and financial specialists; however, contacting each one individually is time-consuming and often results in conflicting advice.

With Tax Effective, you will receive personalised attention from a trusted accountant who will act as a single point of contact for you. Your accountant will look at your big picture and liaise with other specialists in order to offer the best solutions to help you reach your business, lifestyle and personal financial goals.

  • Simplify and automate your practice tax, payroll and accounting functions by implementing a cloud accounting solution that does everything for you
  • Establish companies, trusts and self managed super funds to protect your personal and business assets from potential lawsuits
  • Implement permanent tax reduction strategies and structures to increase your personal and business cash flow
  • Tax-effectively structure practice, home and investment loans and save thousands in interest repayments each year
  • Make smarter personal investment decisions and tax-effectively grow your family wealth
  • Purchase your business premise through your self managed super fund
  • Customise estate planning strategies and structures that will allow your wealth to be transferred to family members and beneficiaries tax-effectively, whilst providing asset protection

“By transferring Nestor’s medical premises into a self-managed super fund, our medical accountants helped him pay off his home loan, save $31,500+ in annual taxes and eliminated hundreds of thousands of dollars in future capital gains tax liabilities.”


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A multidisciplinary team of experts working together to develop a unified tax, financial and investment plan, uniquely suited to you. You'll be amazed at the Private Client difference.

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