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Transferring your UK pension to Australia can be a complex and time-intensive task. But Tax Effective specialises in helping UK expats, like you, transfer their pensions to Australia with minimal fuss, risk, and effort.

Six Reasons To Transfer Your UK Pension Into A Self-managed Super Fund

1 Gain full control of your retirement savings.

By transferring your UK pension to an SMSF, you can choose how and where you want to invest your retirement savings. Self-managed super funds give you an endless list of investment options.

2 Enjoy more tax savings the sooner you transfer.

When you transfer funds within six months of becoming an Australian tax resident, any growth accumulated from the time you leave the UK to the date of transfer is tax-free.

3 Get a lump sum taxation exemption.

Contrary to the UK’s pension system, your tax dependants pay no tax on lump sum death benefits paid from an Australian super fund. This can save your dependants tens of thousands of dollars.

4 Pay no tax on retirement income.

Pension payments paid from UK pensions are subject to income tax. But when you draw pension income from an SMSF and are 60 years of age or older, your super pension is exempt from income tax obligations. This means that you’ll receive more net income to live on.

5 Pay no capital gains income tax on your investment returns.

Once your super is converted into a self-managed super pension, your fund should be exempt from tax payments on any investment returns. This leaves more money in your super that you can use to reinvest and grow your wealth.

6 Ensure your entire fund gets paid to your estate.

In almost every case, when funds remain in a UK pension, the full value doesn’t go to your estate or heirs when you pass away. However, by transferring those UK pension funds to a self-managed super fund, you control how and to whom funds are distributed.

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