Our Comprehensive Property Investing Process

Discover our tried, tested, and proven process for helping you build significant wealth through property investing.

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1. Identify your goals

Our process begins with a conversation. We want to understand your financial goals and what you’d like to gain through property investment. Are you looking to pay for your child’s education, fund retirement, or enjoy the financial freedom you need to cut down on your working hours to pursue your passion?

2 . Analyse where you stand financially

We then develop a financial analysis to assess your tax and financial position and determine how far off the path you are when it comes to meeting your goals. We also work out your financial capacity to borrow and invest, forecasting how many properties you need to buy to reach your objectives.

3. Create your customized property investment strategy

With your goals and financial situation in mind, your Tax Effective Property Adviser customises a property strategy and structure designed to help you reach your goals with the highest probability and minimal risk.

4. Implement your strategy

If you’re too busy to put your plan into action, we take care of the entire process for you. Let us handle everything from setting up the correct loan structure and finding the right property to ordering your depreciation schedules and finding a secure tenant.

5. Monitor your portfolio and progress

Property investing isn’t a one-off solution. Regular reviews help you monitor your investment plan and progress. Reviews are also an opportunity for you to revisit your goals, reassess your financial capacity, refine your strategy to reflect any changes, and identify new buying opportunities.

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