How to buy residential property through super

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Investing your super in location, location, location!

Self-managed super funds are powerful investment tools that can help you build significantly more wealth than traditional super funds. We’ve written this e-book to help you understand how you can leverage your super investments by borrowing money to buy property.

This is a strategy that’s proven extremely profitable for many of our clients over the years and has helped them grow their net super balances by hundreds of thousands, with very little super cash flow risk.

We also point out some common mistakes and pitfalls to watch out for when buying property through super.

The benefits of buying property through super include:

  • Fast track the growth of your super, increasing the investable value of your super investments by hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Buy blue chip residential property that’s self-funding. i.e. the ongoing property costs are paid by your employer contributions and rental income
  • Reduce your income and contributions taxes to practically zero
  • Pay no tax on rental income and capital gains in retirement, saving you hundreds of thousands in ongoing and future taxes

  • Combine your super with up to 4 other family members to increase your investment strategy potential
  • Live a better life with a lot more money available to spend on your lifestyle
  • And lots more

What you’ll learn from reading your 'Buying Property through Super' e-book

  • Why you should set up a self-managed super fund?
  • How much you need in super to make property investing a viable option
  • The benefits of buying property through super
  • What properties you can and can’t buy through super
  • How to set up the correct SMSF structure
  • What traps and pitfalls to avoid
  • Two real life case studies of how our clients achieved outstanding results by using their super to buy residential property

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